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Whether you need an individual or family portrait, wedding or event photos, a portfolio for your modeling career, senior portrait or simply some beautiful art for your home or office, you have come to the “right place.” If you are looking for a photographer with a sensitive eye for details, recording those fleeting moments that capture the spirit of your child, family or event, look no further. I have been working in the field of Fine Art photography for over three decades now. This experience has caused my eye to be trained to see things and people at a deeper level, enabling me to capture more than the eye can see merely at the surface level, enabling me to glimpse into the soul of the subject.

So sit back. Enjoy the show…and then give us a call to make an appointment
to create some of the greatest memories of your life.


We approach every job the same, whether it is to produce a fine piece of art, a portrait, or to record a wedding or special event, we do it all with attention to detail, beauty, spirit and the desires of our clients. Our goal is to give our customers a finished product that they will be pleased with and that will add to the beautiful experiences and memories of their lives.

Excellence is what we do. Satisfying our clients and customers with works of art is our goal.

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us at:
Photolight7 / 503-860-5127
or email us at:   photolight7@yahoo.com  or barakavisions@yahoo.com

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