Rodney J. CarasegnaphotographerBlack and White image of tree and waterfallRodney J. Cartasegna was born in Portland, Oregon in 1958. After graduating from Milwaukie High School in 1976 he enrolled in the department of Forestry and Architecture at Oregon State University. In the spring of his sophomore year after taking a black and white photography class, he became so absorbed that he decided to make photography his career. After changing his major he graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In November of 1987 Rod was honored to be one of Life Magazines award winners in its contest for young photographers thirty years old and younger, open to both amateur and professionals. He has been nurturing and broadening his own visual and technical abilities over the last three decades. He is now pursuing his own career full-time while being trained in the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Love Affair With Light

   After all this time in photography, some thirty years, I find that it is still the light with it’s many moods and qualities, it’s purity, radiance and aura that inspires me to work with enthusiasm and passion. I believe that our spirit and soul is drawn to the light, whether it be consciously or unconsciously. It is the desire of the essence of our being, our soul and spirit, to go back home and dwell in the presence and Eternal Light of our Creator.
The way the light paints the petals of a flower and makes it dance, the way it softly illuminates and enfolds beautiful blossoms after a warm spring rain, the way it kisses and shapes the face of a child, the way it sparkles in someone’s eyes, the way it shouts from behind the clouds, or the way it breathes life into seemingly still matter makes me work obsessively. To reveal the beauty around us of our Creator, to stimulate the hidden beauties within us all of spirit and light that others too may be inspired to help create more beauty revealing the good in us, this I believe to be a worthy purpose of my gift from God.

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